Sunday, June 03, 2018

Sunday Already: Another Blisteringly Busy Week

Fischer-Z: Crazy Girl

In older Religious times, the one that came free with unlimited indoctrination I was informed that Good things happen to people who believe.

Today I'd suggest it's much more probable that your own actions have a direct effect on your outcomes, wellbeing and happiness. So in the last week

- A new Bicycle arrived into the household. It was like a new baby with plenty of tender loving care and oohs and aaaahs from us the new parents

- We were involved at the early stages in more than one decluttering project. We de-clutter good!

- Marcus found another use for the wonderful Mikrotik router. Let's just say I set the hostname of the device to TheDude. Mikrotik, their products are simply astonishing

- Amazon came to our rescue again with timely and reasonably priced deliveries of things we need. Honestly, if you live in a Geography properly served by amazon (so not Switzerland then), IMHO you are a bit of an idiot if you don't PRIME and order.

- We are negotiating the purchase of a new Storage facility. Somewhere secure that our paranoid selves will be able to further declutter our lives with rarely used but sentimental items. You can imagine that it's internal preparation is going along to our usual meticulous plans. Ongoing.

- A week of planning for a new UltraMarathon. You know substantially longer than a Marathon. Test runs, Test Kit, this time we are determined not to repeat the errors of our last ultra.

- We got nostalgic at the MotoFest Coventry

- We checked out the Boardman Performance Centre

More details to come in the coming week as we pick over what we have learnt.  Meanwhile:

Still About the Music

At the end of a joyful week, I find it easiest to convey the uplifting feeling via music. So from this post from me to you, enjoy.

Shannon: Let the Music Play (rework)

Set Adrift vs True

John Mayer: New Light

Florence: Hunger

Kygo: Stole the Show