Thursday, June 14, 2018

Sports. Injury, Eating and the Shower

Daily Exercise
The primary benefit of Daily Exercise is of course that it tones and transforms your physical form.  And feeling physically good also pushes into your mental state too, your brain begins to perform better and feel better.

This is the devastating injury Marcus is suffering with on the day after the recent Ultra Marathon.   Yes, one toe has a blister and nurse Agata will be needed soon.

Seriously though, continued daily exercise only works if you don't often damage your body on a prior days workout.

So, routinely pushing past a known limit on a competition, should be avoided IMHO.

Recovery Time
One key fitness and training metric is recovery time.  Assuming you did not push your body into significant injury, and did not have an accident  (always possible), then will you be ready, at 100% fitness level for the next day?

As a metric, Agata and Marcus would aim to be at a level to complete a marathon on any day,  but we can't say the same for a significant Ultra.  An Ultra race can leave us sore, limping, feeling awkard on the stairs, or yelping in pain as we try to bend over and tie our shoe laces.  So we have something to improve on: be ready day+1 for another Ultra.

The Secret Benefits
Two usually unacknowledged benefits of significant frequent exercise can now be revealed:

A Lot of Eating

Now, eating a lot of food should not mean crap food, or a preponderance of processed food.  Why?  Because this tends to undo all that Exercise transformation.   However, the occasional blow out is to be expected. For Marcus and Agata our daily good food diet is predominantly Beans/pulses with occasional fish, blended with Greens, and ideally not from any ready meal section of the supermarket.

Eating a lot of this food just tastes absolutely great! And Lentils are one of the cheapest & healthiest foods on the planet.

The Shower
The notion is this.  If I spend over 2 hours in a day exercising then I can have as long as shower as I damn well want! Period.  Last Saturday it was over 9 hours, and so the daily extended shower credits have been credited into the next few days also :-)

In our new home both showers were custom designed as walk in, without any moving shower doors to jam up or malfunction.  We have a variety of shower heads and specialist soaps.   This is a place where Agata and Marcus can spend a lot of time.

And So
Another day rolls over.  It is time for more Exercise.  How about you?