Friday, June 01, 2018

Review: Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive

This is a review of the distinctly mediocre Sandisk Ultra USB stick.

I was attracted to the drive because it has both USB-C and traditional USB connectors all in a really tiny form factor.  It did not cost a fortune   (less than 20 GBP for the 32GB) version so I bought it.    What could be the problem?

The Good News

Indeed this is a tiny and low priced drive.

And it does have 2 connectors so is suitable for direct connection especially to Apple Macbooks which don't have any full size USB connections any more

Also on the plus, it does really look quite bijou and cool

The Bad News

The grump factor is that the performance is ... meh

I could not get this baby to go faster than about 40 MB/second.  And for any time travellers please remember I am writing this in 2018.

A Comparison

I have owned the Sandisk Cruzer extreme key since 2014,  here honestly

And this drive still always gives me 150 MB/second performance and it is 4 years old now.  So why is this new drive so bloody slow then?  Sandisk?

And Finally

I need to use this USB drive as storage for my wonderful Mikrotik router, which is so amazing that I found it can perform yet another function in our household.  For this monitoring it mandates a USB key, and so this shall be used.

I already checked and for this application where speed is definitely not an issue I can reuse this key  (because trying to return it in Switzerland, is well, not so easy!).   

But I can't recommend it for anybody who needs a performance related key, and by that I mean one with > 40 MB/second throughput.