Monday, June 04, 2018

Moto Fest 2018 Coventry

We are new to the Motor Festival in Coventry but essentially it is an open air Vintage Car display with some Sponsored Events and attractions thrown in.

The success of the event must surely depend on the British weather and I am happy to report that this weekend it has been a British scorcher here in the Midlands with temperatures above 24 degrees.      Agata and Marcus like!

Some of the Coventry Ring road was cordoned off for drive by's of cars in the event plus there are roadworks ongoing.   So we were pretty surprised that (paid) carparking and access to it from our home near Alcester via the A46 seemed easily possible.   Whew!   As the driver it was probably Agata's superior navigation skills.

So the Cars Then
I can still moan that our Internet connection is still awaiting un-crippling meaning that no Cloud Storage photography is currently possible.  So inline below is it



Under Wheeled


As was expected  JLR  (Jaguar Land Rover) had an enormous presence and appropriate hospitality tents, and lots of kit.





One More Thing

If you are interested in Classic Cars then I highly recommend a subscription to Harry's Garage featuring Harry Metcalfe of course the editorial director and founder of EVO magazine.

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