Saturday, June 16, 2018

I Have A Health Dream

Leman Micro Devices

Marcus and Agata had occasion to bump into Leman Micro Devices today, and they serve as a perfect example of advances in technology that I would hope could be mainstream one day soon.

The Dream
I would hope that continuous unobtrusive Health monitoring can be made a reality within the next 5 years.   What sort of metrics / monitoring do I mean

- Heart Rate
- Heart Rate Variability
- Blood Pressure
- Blood Oxygen Level
- Step Tracking
- Movement & Calorie Tracking
- Sleep Tracking

Today in 2018
Marcus and Agata use 3 tools to provide some measurement, but it is far from continuous, unobtrusive and it is definitely not automatic

Garmin 935 Athletes Watch
- Continuous Heart Rate
- Activity Measurement
- Steps per day
- Altitude / Stairs climbed per day
- Sleep Monitoring

Withings BPM
- Blood Pressure Monitoring

Withings WS50 Body Scale
- Weight

- Body Fat
- Co2 atmosphere
- Standing Heart Rate

The Harsh Pre-Requisites
(Don't take me for a fool)

Below a certain level of fitness and barring any mental or genetic  disorder you don't need any measurement device to instantly know that your lifestyle and lifestyle choices may be impacting your life expectancy.  (And the emotions of friends and family and burdening society)

If you tick most or all of the following, then Health monitoring will be just wasteful

- No exercise performed on any day
- Unable to Cycle 10km or Run 3km or Walk 5km or Swim 0.5km
- Eat mostly Processed Foods
- Eat or Drink a lot of sugar
- Make no effort to eat in moderation
- Know that you are unhealthy yet do nothing about it

Back to Leman

Leman Micro Devices are developing a small hardware sensor that could be integrated into i.e. inside any Smartphone.

They are currently looking for OEM Smartphone partners.

With this electronics inside, external to the phone on an edge would be a touchable sensor capable of helping monitor

- Skin temperature
- Blood Pressure
- Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability
- Blood Oxygen pickup

Essentially a true game changer, specifically because most of us out of choice carry our Smartphones with or near us 24x7.

Their technology is just one example, yet an excellent one of changes in continuous health monitoring technology that will help the majority, truly become the best physically that they can be.  And who would not want that?

Leman Micro Product
Leman Micro, a quick tour
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