Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Exciting Apple WWDC Announcements 2018

For those who shrewdly or perhaps carelessly missed the Apple World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018 the above graphic summaries the exciting announcements made there :-)

Yep, not a lot.

If you really want to know

Watch the Full Apple WWDC 2018 Keynote

WWDC Returns to its Core Audience

So WWDC 2018 very much became a true developers conference in that it's all about software and not a platform for new Hardware announces.

Trouble is that the world at large wants to see new announces but particularly Hardware.   And if it's going to be predominantly Software then something we all actually care about, not another update for that much maligned, and increasingly unimportant Apple Watch :-(

But don't just take my word for it 

Verge: WWDC 2018 Summary  (text)

Verge:  WWDC 2018 in 14 minutes 

Anandtec: Live Blog WWDC

A Word from IBM
A few decades ago IBM was the world's leading computing company both for Mainframes and for a brief while for Personal Computers (PC's) too.

But over time IBM refocused, claiming that it could not or should not compete in consumer markets where it could not add value  (meaning, make substantial profit).

I'd argue it missed out the paragraph on market leadership, making some profit, and why others could do what it could seemingly not.

Over time it withdrew from the Personal Computer Market, the Printer Market,  Hard Disk Drives, and then even Intel Server computers.

Then in its final apocolyptic move  (no not the share buy back plan) it sold off the FABrication plant for its fantastic POWER hardware to GlobalFoundries.  (Tech note, actually it paid GlobalF 1.5 billion to take it away)

Today IBM is a hollow shell of a once proud company, it does not make very much and it's de-emphasis on hardware and its consequences is a lesson that other current Market leaders should do well to ponder.

One Last Thing: ASUS

Dear Apple users, if you follow fanboy sites and videos like this  perhaps I should point you to a company who still believes in the amazing, and in Hardware.

ASUS ROG Computex 2018


And many other ASUS announcements 2018

Latest ASUS Laptop and ScreenPad

The ScreenPad (Engadget)

ASUS innovation including Screens and Networking

Yes, it is ASUS and not Apple that by far gave the Industry more interesting releases this week.   I will be checking back at the  Apple Share Price to see what the market thinks.