Monday, June 11, 2018

Court Leet Street Market Alcester 2018

Our friends from London were so late in arriving this Sunday that they completely missed the Court Leet Street Market in Alcester for 2018.    This then is what they have missed:

The best Pimms on the High Street   (NB: Also the only Pimms on the high street :-)

 Shop or could be several selling items that would never be allowed in our house.  But each to their own I suppose.

 Plumbers with the best cars

Anti littering Society, who also do free cleanups.   We have signed up to help them.

Redditch Cat rescue.  Yes we have signed up for a home cat vetting visit.  We hope that we make the grade

 Morris Dancers

 A large Pig is cooking on the High Street.

 A modest funfair is installed

 Somebody still makes and sells candy floss.

 Music about to start just outside the church

We find out that for a small fortune it is possible to go upto the Tower and look down over Alcester.   Marcus, Agata and Claire agree.

Here are the views

Marcus notices that even the Church can't protect itself against acts of God, instead choosing to rely on a Lightening conductor

 78 steps down they told us

 You paid how much to go up the tower they said!!

 Hedgehog protection society

Best shop window competition entry #7.  Not sure who won it.

And SO

Yes, we had a wonderful time, because when we are together things always seem to work out just great.