Saturday, June 02, 2018

Cotswold Olimpick Games

Marcus and Agata are just back from the Olimpick Games,  you know that word famous event in the Cotswolds :-)

The Schedule

Chipping Camden
This is a really posh/ upmarket English village in the Cotswolds.   We know of it because of our long standing patronage to Robert Welch cutlery and this is its home. 

 The event itself is on top of the hill and this was great for our step count, which thanks for asking shot past 25K today due to this little wander.

Wheelbarrow Race

The Germans
One of the competitors was German and they brought an entourage of film crew(s) with them.  I am not kidding.

Water Carrying Challenge

People On Horseback

Kids Stuff

Shin Kicking

 We watched with interest.  It was more like /unprofessional leg kicking/.  Shins i.e. the area on the front of the leg below the knee were rarely hit it seems to me.

The  event was to us to be the climax but did not quite live upto the hype that we had imagined.  Still, worth viewing


And finally whilst the Ice Cream queue was relatively short and hence quick to get to the front of, the same could not be said of any other food stall in particular the Fish and Chips stall

The real prize for the evening therefore should be handed to anybody who had the patience to stand for an estimated hour+ to buy a portion of /Traditional Fish and Chips/