Friday, June 08, 2018

Boardman Performance Centre

Boardman Performance: What

Marcus, Agata and Pierre are delighted to have visited the Boardman Performance Centre in Evesham UK.

For cyclists it is sure to become a future mecca, offering not only an un-hassled environment to see Boardman bicycles, but also upstairs a 3 part performance centre, that for pretty reasonable money you can book to analyse and then improve your cycling experience.

Also,  don't forget that  there is some classic memorabilia on show too.

Overall it was a great day out!

Off the Evesham bypass.

Boardman Performance Centre, The Valley, Evesham, WR11 4DS

Many many bicycles are varying prices points to see.  It's sort of Bicycle Porn to Marcus, Agata and Pierre ...

Coffee Shop
Not on site but actually opposite the centre is a very decent coffee shop selling food too.  You can always get a takeaway then return to Boardman and sit down and enjoy it on their comfy sofas.


Book a session to analyse your current seating and cycling position.  Uses tracking and 3D camera technology on a customised Wattbike which is then analysed and your position tweaked to something better ...

At last a (modified) Wattbike where I can really get comfortable.

Physiology & Performance

A body MOT including V02 and other measurements and advice on what your body is capable of and could be capable of in the future.

The packages link shows greater details

Wind Tunnel

Not quite live yet but the vision is to have a wind tunnel at prices that regular people and not just race teams can afford.  

Shut up and take my Money

To give you an indication of prices this is from the website.  Please look there in more detail


You do realise who Chris Boardman is right?

Wonderful Day Out

We cycled there from home,  we checked out all those bicycles,   we had a coffee and food next door, plenty of smiles and discussion.   What's not to like?

And Finally
I feel that this store really enhances the Boardman brand & it does so in a practical, useful fashion.  It's not just a shop with some posters and advertising speak, it's a location where you can look and buy real bicycles and get expert analysis and advice on your cycling technique.  

Boardman Performance: Why
Boardman Performance: Who
Boardman Performance: What