Thursday, June 07, 2018

A Journey of One Thousand Km

Subtitle: A journey of one thousand Km begins with one step

An old old friend recently confessed that her family were currently down in the dumps.

Getting Down 

Police: King of Pain

The Cure: Between Days

You can watch the above videos to sink into a down and reflective mood before reading further.


Well in the UK, get professional advice. This means visiting your doctor and putting a process into action.  In the UK this is a free service.

When you analyse somebody's predicament despite their protestations, their state of mind is not actually linked with their job, relationships, or income. These are often masking factors and the core unhappiness has come from another direction.

The elements of any solution that I would propose include:

Daily Exercise
With a moderate exercise load, say 1 hour per day you will become healthier, be able to eat more, and have more energy. The usual caveats apply: start slowly.

Comfortable Eating
What this actually means is sensible eating.  And definitely never Comfort Eating.   Comfort Eating is where you binge on something unhealthy and feel good, usually for certain during the anticipation, perhaps during the execution, but never afterwards with the adverse health consequences.

Comfortable Eating to me means not eating crap, means eating as few sugar laden, carbohydrate laden foods, eating more greens, and (for me non meat) based protein.

Financial Balance
Only somebody who is both an idiot and mentally ill would continually spend their earnings, or those given to them by the state on speciality items that are totally out of sync with the rest of their lifestyle.

We all have a right to fritter our money away once or twice on something frivolous. But suppose your family unit is on the bread line, then if your feel good  spending (on yourself) prevents  paying for your families weeks food shopping you need to seriously revisit your priorities.

If you are down, then routine, meaning doing certain things every day, or at certain times of the week can be a lifesaver. Your daily exercise, or visit to the library, or washing the bicycle. Construct a framework that occupies you.

You need to find that single person who believes in you and can support your thru difficulty. Whilst at the same time realising this supporter can only help in the early stages.  Eventually you need to be self sufficient and later offer back help to others who were in your situation


Ah honest, balanced friend is one of the best ways to guarantee perspective.  Are the decisions and consequent actions that I take, well, just out of balance? Often from the perspective of self they seem reasonable, but check with a friend, they might ( strongly) disagree.


Everybody needs to find a legal passion.  Something that drives them forward.

 Getting Up

Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer

This means getting up at a sensible time.  So, what is sensible?   Well it is some time in the morning, my guide is between 07.00 and 10.00.    What is not sensible?  If you get up after noon then you are doing something wrong.

To Summarise

If you are psychologically down this is not something that will fix itself, or respond to calls of pull yourself together.   You need the listening ear of a friend and the power of Professional advice and support to bring you back.