Wednesday, May 02, 2018

What Gets Up My Nose

Eric Clapton:Cocaine

Breathing Problems
& Getting Old

For over 2 years now Marcus has been battling with a set of Breathing problems which have been getting steadily worse.  Initially only in Winter parts of the year, recently it's just started and not stopped.

- Continuous stuff coming out of my nose
- On sleeping buildup of matter in my throat causing constant swallowing
- On exercising for more than 2 hours, constriction of airways, making marathon/ ultra+ events difficult to impossible
- No shortness of breath when not exercising but constant sniffling
- What feels like something on my lungs leading to a lot of spitting  (instead of swallowing)
- Constant spitting quite naturally leads to adverse comments even from close friends.  I don't like the spitting either BTW!
- When sleeping so much guff collects in throat lungs I can't actually sleep for more than a few hours and have to get up
- Can't even begin to sleep unless sitting upright e.g. back/neck jacked up otherwise constant swallowing.  When upright gravity assists.

If you are getting on, so I mean middle age, have these symptoms have attacked you too?  Well I am now cured, so read on ...

Solution #1
(suggested by my Swiss and then UK Doctor)

 The simple but effective idea is to use this once in the morning to thoroughly clean out your nose and passages from any guff that is in there.

The sachets are a mix of salt and sodium bicarb.   You could make them yourself, but in this instance the pre-mixed sachets are convenient enough for me to fold and pay for them instead.   It is about 15 GBP for 120 sachets.  And the applicator and 60 sachets to start was about 15 GBP also.

A prescription is not required and this brand is from the USA.   (So yes they actually still manufacture stuff there and this time I am very grateful)

 You literally mix on sachet with cold water in the bottle and put the top on.  Then squirt this up your nose and then quite naturally blow it out.  It can be messy, I suggest doing it whilst in the shower.

The clearing benefits are pretty immediate but also increase after a few days of daily use too.

Part #2 Nasal Drip / Rhinitus
The Steroid Spray

In the UK this is available via prescription from your doctor and works by reducing the inflammation in the nose and passages .

This is a small pressurised applicator that lasts for about one month when used twice daily: morning and night.

It needs to be taken for a week or two for the effect to happen, so my initial 2 day test and 'oh it's not working' result was not surprising in retrospect.

Also this can be taken for longer periods without side effect my NHS article says!

In the UK you have electronic access to your medical records and prescriptions  (in Switzerland it's a massive paper mess reminiscent of a UK 1950s surgery).   So there you can repeat order your Spray and simply go and pick it up without further interaction with the doctor.  Marvellous.

And SO

After about 2 years of suffering, culminating in so much swallowing that I literally could not sleep for more than about 3 hours at a time  (then up, shower, walk around, back to bed),  I am cured.

Long distance sporting events are officially back on.

And my lifetime of scepticism and doctors and medicine begins to be just a little bit cured too.

Heaven Knows,  Anything Goes  (up my nose)