Wednesday, May 09, 2018

UK and Swiss Domestic Recycling

Moving home is a great cleansing process.  Well, for most of us.  If however you are in the fortunate position of ex-pat moving you can instead take it with you.  An ex-pat move is where your relocation to or from a foreign country is generously paid by your employer.

To give you an idea of costs, this could cost between 4K and 10K CHF  (so I mean between 3000 and 7000 GB pounds).

When Marcus and Agata moved from Switzerland to the UK it was not only self funded, but we did all the moving ourselves.

Well of course :-)

For over 12 months we tried to sell, then gift away any unwanted items.  Finally we took items to the local Swiss Recycling or Decheterie.   It was a sad and necessary process, but a great cleanser.  A rule like:

If it's not sentimental, and we did not use it in the last 24 months,  so sell it, gift it or recycle it, a mantra we are proud to live by.

Now back in the UK we have to get used to the UK facilities for recycling and not our beloved Swiss Decheterie....

UK Recycling 

We now live in the county of Warwickshire.  This Link  will take you to the list of facilities such as the one pictured above

A comprehensive but rather dirty set of bins for dumping of your local waste including garden materials and electroncs

Saying it is dirty might be nit picking, but by comparison our local decheterie in Switzerland was never so.  So there!

Some of the better things that are left at recycling can be found back in a bargain shop at the facility

The opening times are much superior to Switzerland.  But then Opening times for anything anywhere in Switzerland ... well you have to have lived there to understand this criticism.

Overall the UK facility is welcome, larger than Switzerland, much less tidy, very difficult to get to, but does the job.

To any  [twats] thinking of fly tipping rubbish in the countryside or dumping it on their city street, please grow up and use the correct facilities that are provided for you instead.

Back in Switzerland

In Switzerland not only are their local decheterie's that take your domestic waste e.g.  Gardening or Household Appliances they also have the Popup Decheterie

Here the local council comes to a town location, schedule published on the web, and sets up store.   You can then bring in your waste.   The idea is to make it so easy to dispose of items that you are not tempted to perform illegal dumping actions.

Whilst the UK and Switzerland both have pretty decent recycling and rubbish facilities, Switzerland does it better,  a lot better.