Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Time to Upgrade Life

Our agreed house rule for Marcus and Agata is:  If it still works well then keep it.

But we all have our limits.  We spent almost 2 years moving to the UK, in that time trying to discard/ gift  anything we did not regularly use or need.   And correspondingly not purchasing anything.

Now in the UK,  Marcus is finally fed up with my random collection of Ethernet cables that I have acquired in the last 20 years.

You know it, Electronics people.  Every purchase of a LAN based product includes some cheapo cable, like the one in the first picture without moulded ends,  or like the second picture with plastic outer shell

The Replacements

- We are upgrading to full CAT7 compliant cable
- Hopefully it can support 10 Gigabit Data Rates over Copper
- We get to choose our colours
- We can choose flat or round cables
- We can choose the precise length
- We get a metal sheath.

So our new Wiring Cupboard, and the whole House will soon have Ethernet cabling colour coded and precisely length-ed.

And in the UK, these cables can arrive within 24 hours, and if you don't like them for any reason  (not the right shade of white? ) , well you can return them.

So dear household networking kit,   I am upgrading your tubes.  Yep, you are welcome.