Friday, May 04, 2018

Time, Relativism, and Quidco is Great

Being Busy and Successful
If you are skip reading this article because well, you are a busy, successful and highly paid executive, then congratulations.

In such a circumstance you are normally time poor and this means that you can literally buy yourself more time.  It's not cheap but for example

- Your Nespresso coffee machine is fast, convenient (and expensive)

- Your cleaners come and turn the jumble of your house into something more orderly

- Your nanny takes full time care of the children. You have had to provide them with a granny flat, car and allowance, but hey think of all the time you are saving.


- At least one of your family unit is decidedly not busy!

- Maybe you are unemployed, or between jobs

- Maybe you are retired and have plenty of time

- Maybe your job is not stressful, rather lack-lustre and equally badly paid!

What is my time worth?

For Marcus and Agata we have now made the transition to a time rich  (we have lots of time) and money less   (we have much less money) lifestyle.

And so Quidco == Cashback on your purchases

Yes, it does begin to become appealing.

- You sign up

- You investigate what you want to buy online as usual

- Once you have decided you then begin again but using Quidco as your starting point

- You search for your supplier,  Ribble Cycles in my case

- You enter the supplier website via Quidco and Quidco records that you did that

- You make the online transaction at the Supplier website as normal

- Quidco tracks that you made the purchase. Days to weeks later and email will be sent to you from them indicating that a valid   (thru Quidco) purchase was made

- Then much later you get cashback, normally a percentage of the value spent.

These days in the UK with bank interest rates at basically zero, and in Switzerland with many interest rates actually negative  (sic) it has never been more difficult to make your savings work for you.

So if I tell you that you can make (or well, not spend) 2% of your money, then you really should be interested.   This is a year's interest in many cases, and the effort of going via Quidco adds only minutes to your transaction.

Still it is 2%
So this week Marcus had occasion to spend over 1000 GBP on some sports equipment.   And the obvious maths means that we will get a refund of 20 GBP from Quidco in the fullness of time.

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