Thursday, May 10, 2018

Technoline and La Crosse Battery Chargers

Subtitle: Trust Me :-)

Although charging and using rechargeable Batteries is a subject close to my heart I don't have the time to fully justify the purchase of the BC700N.  But please, do read on

Using Rechargeable
Agata and Marcus are lifelong users of removable battery driven products.  And in this context one question really eludes us:

Why do people continue to buy dry cell batteries when the cost of Rechargeable batteries is just a no brainer?

Additionally in socially responsible 2018, unless you are a complete twat, you would need to dispose of your batteries in a Battery recycling bin.   So buying disposables is now not only more expensive, but inconvenient too

Cutting to the Chase

Technoline and La Crosse are the same company serving 2 different markets.  They market a brilliant, simple, Battery charger called the BC700N.

In fact it is so good that there is now a market on eBay and other places of rival charges, also called BC700N or 700 something that are just crap.  These fakes still work but don't contain the electronics of the Technoline/La Crosse products.

Even within the manufacturer, some of the models are rated better than others in terms of reliability, overheating, ease of use.    I did a lot of googling and reading of reports from pissed off users.   the result was that

Technoline BC 700 N

La Crosse BC 700 N

These are the products to get 

- to charge AA and AAA batteries
- At upto 700mA
- Other functions like discharge available
- Product Manual

In Summary
Now more than ever, especially with the inconvenience of recycling, and the terrible waste of money for disposable batteries, rechargeable batteries makes excellent sense on so many levels.

Get a genuine BC 700 N to charge them.  It's good. Really good.