Saturday, May 26, 2018

So YouTube has Shortcut Keys

Marcus and Agata spend a lot of time in front of a monitor or TV screen watching video.  But increasingly practically none of it is live broadcast TV.

In fact I just cancelled my current 150+ Internet TV channel subscription which saves me over 100 GBP per year

What has replaced live TV programming?

a) TV programming via BBC iPlayer or Channel 4

b) YouTube

And to speak of the latter I just bumped into this helpful article about YouTube hotkeys

Of course there are hotkeys.  Why didn't I check this before!


Click on the above video and try out number 1-9 and the right arrow or l (for Lemon) key  to seek forward 5 secs or left arrow to seek back.

Absolutely fantastic.

These shortcuts will save me soooo much time with the number of videos I watch daily.  How about you?

And to celebrate, my favourite video of the moment, one that you should of course definitely not skip any parts of.

John Mayer: New Light