Thursday, May 03, 2018

Preparing Our Content

Talking Heads: Girlfriend

In the last few weeks Marcus and Agata have put in many, many hours of driving.  And all the evidence is that this trend will continue.

So what do we need? 

Well Music of course.

And Literature

And Plays

So this post is somewhat skeletal because we are intensively preparing

Spotify for Music

Literally an infinity of music to listen to

I highlight 3 features that make Spotify a joy to use

- Following an Artist proactively pings you with any new content from them

- Release Radar automatically forms a playlist of all your followed Artists latest releases

- Download to local Smartphone storage for off Internet listening

Audible for Literature

Right now we are digging into the plot with Reset by Brian Andrews

BBC iPlayer Radio for Plays

The best spoken word content in the world and as a lifelong listener I am not biased honestly.  This morning we listened spellbound to Benjamin Zephaniah  And most broadcasts can be downloaded so that if you are out of Internet reception you can still play that content.

With AntennaPod downloading Podcasts for Backhaul

Sam Harris and Bart Ehrman: What is Christianity

Going Legal
In 2018 we are of the mind that sufficient content is available at low to free pricing that you are insulting yourselves and hard working musicians to illegally download content.

Whatever you may feel for the management of the performing arts the Musicans deserve some revenue and if you just use the usual sources you will deny them anything.

Our Smartphones
Marcus still benefits from a totally unlimited 4G based Dataplan on his phone from three UK.  Nice one three.  I don't wish to be limited to your lower 100GB monthly plan.  No limits for us thank you.

And my 2 year old Huawei P9 Plus, has over 80GB free storage to download content onto.  I know, totally and utterly bonkers.

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