Friday, May 18, 2018

Pause: Firewall Debugging

Moby: Natural Blues

Subtitle: I really hate firewalls

As proof of my assertion from 5am this morning of my inability to multitask whilst listening to complex audio I have just had to pause my excellent Macbeth Audio Book

I don't want to miss a single sentence, or word or even syllable, the re-imagination of Macbeth. It really is that wonderful.

This is the Cause!

So I am configuring a firewall using the old tried and tested IT  way: copying :-)   I am retyping in my notes from a previous Mikrotik configuration I designed earlier.  I clearly wrote things down wrong, because the above highlighted item makes no sense.  Hmmm

Macbeth is paused and something easy like Moby is now on the playlist.   I can listen to Moby and debug all day, but not with Shakespeare.

- I am away on holiday
- So I don't have the original router to boot up and examine the working config
- And anyway, what kind of person takes their new Mikrotik Hap AC2 on holiday anyway?

In Summary

Shakespeare is intense, so is command line Mikrotik configuration.   I can't do both concurrently.   And my self confessed Firewall skills, well they are low,  (but I must say getting better)

Lose myself to Dance