Wednesday, May 16, 2018

One Plus 6: Just another Flagship Phone

How Long?  .. has this been going on :-)

Subtitle: Not another Flagship Smartphone? 

If you want a concise analogy for whether to buy any 2018 Flagship Smartphone if you are the owner of a 2016 or 2017 flagship it is this.

You already own a car that can drive safely at 120 miles per hour. The national speed limit is 70.   The salesman now wants to sell you the latest model, top speed 150 miles per hour.


IMHO most people already own Smartphones whose capabilities far exceed their own requirements.  So I'll just point you towards media so you can make your own informed decision

The official 2 hour video

(Scroll to about 1 hour for the actual presentation)

The whole video is impressive by the way, though as an original OnePlus One owner, I might just comment that original product was not all roses!  Many community frustrations I can tell you.

MKBHD Initial comment

All the Youtube videos on Oneplus 6

My initial take is that whilst any 2018 Smartphone might make you feel good, and is something to show off to your friends, in reality it's incremental advantage over last years best phones is really minimal.  So really, think carefully.

To Marcus, the single most attractive thing about the OnePlus 6 phone is its ability to participate in the Android P beta.  For that foresight OnePlus deserve much credit.

Download here