Monday, May 21, 2018

On this Birthday 2018

A sincere thanks to everybody who has pitched in towards Marcus' birthday 2018

The Competition ....

This year I really felt that I was being upstaged by not one but two significant events.

Saturday saw the UK Royal wedding between Harry and Meghan.   Since our invitation must have been lost in the post Marcus and Agata watch a little online then came back later and via BBC iPlayer sat down and watched the ceremony again.  Thanks to the fast forward button  ( I cite long, surely over time American Pastor going on and on and on)  it proved enjoyable viewing.

On Sunday  I faced even stiffer competition from God.  As a recap for Heathens, and people who believe in the 2000+ other religions and none.  Christians believe

The Passion   Jesus gets crucified

Easter Resurrection   Jesus rises from the Dead

Ascension   Jesus rises up to Heaven

Pentecost  Holy Spirit comes down to Apostles

So Marcus' birthday is right in the middle of this Pentecost event.

I mean what are the flippin chances

A Great Birthday

So casting aside the above two upstaging events.  On the Birthday

- Present were not received.   Thank You!  Everybody knows that we have the basics to survive, plus Marcus is so bloody particular buying him a present, well it would really be rather tricky

- Some Alcohol and cake and Chocolates were consumed.   Well, since I operate a Summer pre Race Chocolate fast, this was something different indeed

- The company of Good friends.  yes there was

- Special attention from my partner Agata.  Yes there was!

- There was some cycling.

- There was quite a lot of swimming   

- The knowledge that I am another year old, and that nothing has dropped off,  or broken, and that Health is certainly on the up

A relaxed,  stress free Birthday.   Cannot wish for more.

Altered Images: Happy Birthday
ICE T: Good Day
Giorgio Moroder: 74
John Mayer: Who you Love
Salif Keita: Dance
Moby: The Lonely Night  (not :-)