Friday, May 11, 2018

O Samsung, O Huawei, where fore art thou

I just love Photography.   This is a self taught passion and not inherited from parents or peers.  And to repeat, the quote that most photographers live by:

The best camera is the one that you carry around

So overall I am drawn to the advances in Smartphone technology, because well that and not my full frame DSLR is my constant companion.

And in particular to the Huawei P20 Pro camera.  This camera and other phones like the Google Pixel 2 employ clever techniques to make up for the fact that

- they have a fixed aperture lens
- and a tiny tiny sensor

Techniques like taking multiple photographs at different settings and choosing between them or combining them to give a superior result.

Or by using a mathematical algorithm  (mistakenly called AI by f'wits to selectively introduce bokeh or selective depth of field aka filters ) to modify the initially taken single or composite photograph

Project Treble and Android P

At the currently running Google IO 2018, many of the sessions explicitly relate to Android level 9, level P

To great surprise Google announced it was not just their own Pixel phones that would receive the Android P beta and hence be ready for full upgrade when P goes to production state later this summer.

No as you can see from the above list many other vendors are involved, those implementing Project Treble.

You can learn more about project Treble here

Back to Huawei

I am pretty bitter and twisted when I say that Marcus bought a 600+ Swiss Franc phone 2 years ago and it is today still on Android 7.   It did not even yet make it to Android 8, Oreo.   It was promised as imminent in January 2018, but hey it is now early May 2018 and nothing.

And now I read that Huawei is not on the list for Android P beta, or for that matter Samsung.

Ironically and almost farcially I did find the above graphic on the P20 Pro website. 

Where fore art thou Samsung?
Where fore art thou Huawei?

Where indeed.