Friday, May 25, 2018

Not Dog Walking

When a friend asked us to take care of her gorgeous Australian Shepherd dog, Agata and Marcus thought


In order to save Petrol, money, the Environment (et al) we made efforts to cycle from home but this resulted in Marcus looking rather strange.   But hey,  why ruin the habit of a lifetime :-)

Just next door we appear to have the absolutely stunning views of the Swiss Vaud vineyards against the backdrop of Snow capped Swiss and French mountains.

Saffy is now fully grown so she has a new super comfortable harness to which we attach a traditional yellow elasticated lead that wraps around Marcus's waist so we can run together handsfree.

It never ceases to amaze me the quantity of expense and also weird vehicles you see on Swiss mountainsides.

 Back to that view again

 Today it is over 25 degrees.  Saffy is absolutely boiling

 It might be for my toursistic benefit but I find a local council operated Cleaning lorry.  I do like out mountainsides clean.

 There are an infinity of water troughs around however this one is Eau, not potable: not drinkable.  In an emergency we would drink from it, today we'll find drinkable fountains.  Keep running

 Agata leads the way again.  I would recognise that silouhette anywhere.  I like.

 A brief rest at the halfway point, obviously for Saffy's sake and not her unfit running companion

 Time to turnaround and run back

Keep on running.

And so another exhausting day is complete.  We are all happy  :-)