Friday, May 18, 2018

Macbeth Reimagined

Subtitle: Sublimely Yours

It's just possible that you were not yet given the opportunity to be seduced and immersed into the works of Shakespeare.

Many British schools introduce children to this celebrated British author I believe in the hope it might take root into a young mind which will then begin to grow and feed on its brilliant construction.

Jo Nesbo is better known to Marcus and Agata for his detective stories so this re-telling of one of Shakespeare's most epic tales came as a surprise.

We bought the 17 hour unabridged Audible Audiobook 

I just can't recommend it too highly

The Multitasking Test
Marcus has a complexity test.  Over years I developed the ability to listen to novels, audiobooks and the like whilst Computer Programming, or Dedbugging or performing general work/ Administration tasks.

The challenge is this:  If you can't perform your work task whilst listening to your audio source --> then that source is too complex, and just too compelling.

Macbeth by Jo Nesbo passes this test! [with ease]
I just have to listen to it, with 100% concentration, all work is paused whilst this novel is on.

BBC Drama on Three
Now would be a good time to mention that the BBC has a number of Shakespeare performances available without charge for your audible delight.

This link for example

And Finally
I'll remind thinkers that the works of Shakespeare do form one of the many thought experiments attempting to logically determine whether god exists. [ or not]

For: The works of Shakespeare, taken as a whole, form a set of such complex and intricately woven literature, the likes that has never been seen or replicated, that this must have been inspired or channelled by a Deity.  Literally then Shakespeare was simply the hand that was the practical end of a divine channel.  Therefore God exists

Against: The works of Shakespeare, taken as a whole, form a set of such complex and intricately woven literature, which are more consistent, and more insightful than the principal Religious texts of this world.  Yet, no Religious Majority, or Religious Scholarly community considers that Shakespeare was a god, or servant of one.  Therefore if his literature was truly man made, and yet superior in construction to Holy Scripture,  the Divine Providence of the latter must be put under question.   Therefore God does not exist

Whatever your thoughts are about your imaginary friend,  Macbeth by Jo Nesbo is a wonderful read or listen.  I may even listen to it twice!