Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Leaving No Food Uneaten

Behind this simple picture is a larger painful story.

In fact right now Marcus is practically unable to move having forced down not one but two large mugs of Hot chocolate together with Good Day Lactose Free Milk.

Yes Marcus and Agata are on the move  (again)

Leaving home, or a place that you call your home is always difficult.  But I think for us our sense of economy, precision and efficiency adds extra burdens.

No Food shall be wasted!  We bought it, we must, or somebody must eat it.

And so as we empty the Refrigerator we try to first find a home for food with friends,  but if they don't share our sense of wastefulness, we do!   We Eat.

Not Just Food

Our lotions and potions are **just exhausted**.  We feel proud to be leaving empty handed!

We've been trying to sell a 150 GBP+ router for weeks now and though it was advertised for a paltry 40 GBP, there were no serious takers.

Many advertisement views, lots  of timewasting questions, but nobody willing to pay under 30% of the new price for a faultless item.

Until today, I know, just when we are packing up to leave.  So economy overriding other important tasks we have had to measure and pack and weight the item.  And then a  40 minute walk to the post office and send all the details to the purchaser to pay.  What a palava, however we hope that we made good recycling of technology that we no longer use.

Adieu to all.  For now.

See You Again