Tuesday, May 08, 2018

IO IO it's off to Google we Go

It's off to work we go

At the time of writing as you can see from this splendid graphic there is just over 21 hours before Google IO starts up for 2018.

A Developer Conference But

This is a conference primarily aimed at Developers.  The people that actually write the code that is used by Consumers.  I define Consumers as the general population whom have never written and have no interest in ever writing a single line of programming code in their lives.   (Somewhat sad IMHO, but that's for another day).

What is happening When

Here is the Agenda

And the schedules for May08   May09   May10

- The first day contains the keynote speech.  This not only sets the tone, but may also contain new hardware announcements.

This then is the 90 minute presentation that the Technical Press tend to focus on.

The hard work, i.e. all the coding, development and design is mostly overlooked.  This is somewhat sad.

You can look at the IO sessions free of charge sometime after the conference has ended on this YouTube Channel

Android P

The 2018 release of Android, namely Android level P has been available as a free download for Pixel and Pixel 2 phones since March 2018.

And the above schedule shows it will not complete development until August 2018 or later.

So it's not necessary to attend Google IO to find out about Android P, you just need a Google Pixel / Pixel2 class phone that you don't mind loading a pre-production, quite buggy, still in development OS  (Operating System) onto.

Android P features

Android P launch Disconnect
This is a critically important dilemma  cock-up and Smartphone manufacturers and Google must sort it out.  It's like this.

- Smartphone manufacturers prepare new designs and predominantly launch product in March at Mobile World Congress  (MWC)

- A few manufacturers announce just after MWC

- Then in May, Google has Google IO where one of the announcements is  the next generation of Android, and the Application Programming interface (API's) changes to support it.  In 2018 it is revision P

- So then, every single Phone Manufacturer's flagship phone is by definition running an old, i.e. last year's Operating System.   And it can take them over 6 months in most cases to provide an upgrade, or in many cases, they just can't be bothered at all

- The only exception is Google's own brand of phones, example Pixel 2, which benefit from an immediate upgrade to the new Operating System

So come on Google and Manufactures  change your schedules so that a flagship phone launch with and not without the current OS for that year.

WTF Microsoft

I am not sure who is responsible, but Microsoft Build, their premier Developer conference is on in Seattle between May 07 - May 09

So if your plan or desire or need was to attend both, well think again.

I suppose as a consolation you always consider attending Apple WWDC on June 04

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