Saturday, May 05, 2018

Getting Roman in Wall Staffordshire

After what feels like several lifetimes of busy, too busy in fact, Marcus and Agata are making plans to do the sort of things that other more normal  people have been doing their whole lifetimes.

As part of our rehabilitation we are taking time out to proactively  explore our local community.

Today  the Roman town of Wall, Staffordshire UK

Agata researched this town and found it to have some Roman artefacts and 2 heritage walks.   How could we say no to that

 We found the Roman Way

 Of course we had to visit the Church.   Places of great architecture, solitude.

We are fans of knitting but would like to stress they are not related to Churches or Religion in general

 View from the church to the Roman Settlement

What is left of the settlement

Artists impression of the settlement

And So
Marcus and Agata appreciate that at last we have the time to explore the British countryside.  Something that in all our decades of living until now, we did not have time for.