Saturday, May 19, 2018

Fake News and Social Views

The Claim

To Err (error) is human, the English expression goes.  But to Lie, deliberately,  well I hope that does not define the Human Race.   Not the Human Race I would choose to belong too.

Events that are far back in our past we may not be able to re-collect with perfect clarity.   Details may be forgotten, or indeed invented.   A story many times told can take on a life inside our minds be it true or not.

But in 2018 any one of us with a Smartphone and access to a Social Media platform can make a Video/text/Audio posting making one our more claims.

And this can go viral and be re-broadcast by people who have no idea of the circumstances or of the truth of the claim.

Who are these People
Are you, or do you have acquaintances who knowingly broadcast a lie.  A lie that can influence others and change opinion.  In 2018 the difference is the public lie can spread within hours Globally by people would like the narrative to be true.


The Reality


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