Saturday, May 12, 2018

Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Some Eurovision 2018 contenders

From Marcus' family experience and those of friends I shared University with, Eurovision is a British and probably European institution.

In younger times there was always chance to invite as many European nationalities around and we might then try and defend our countries song as the best song of the contest, regardless of its actual quality.

In 2018 things are more complicated because there are now so many countries involved that the televised final contains only a subset of countries who made it past the quarter and semi finals

Also today instead of it being a vote from a jury, the general public, meaning you and I can vote too.  I know,  what could possible go wrong eh!

This link gives you the full picture

Our Plan
Writing this from Switzerland I find that the Swiss entry did not make it to the final.  Ah well.   Marcus and Agata consider to send invitations for Swiss and non Swiss to come on over.

My Vote

Based on a terribly circumspect analysis of only a few songs I currently think I will vote for Norway.  It's not a serious song, but  I think it's a good Eurovision candidate.

(And official video  )

The Odds