Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Delete My Data Please

Marcus and Agata are in the initial stages of a Decluttering / Streamlining project.  But not for ourselves.

Today I thought I'd concentrate on the detail but also the principle requirements.

Our client first needs to ensure that any Hardware we dispose of is either re-used or disposed of so that there can be no data harvesting from Information left on any storage device

Erase My Data
Marcus' normal paranoid rationale is Erase then Destroy

- Connected to a Windows / Linux Dual boot system,  Fast Format Drive, ReFs format
- Now copy over as many GB of Linux .ISO data as it takes to completely fill the Hard disk

I downloaded a set of 16GB files on our Infinitely fast Internet connection  (5 minutes) and wrote all over the disk

- Now reformat the Disk NTFS,  or if you can some very obscure Linux Disk format, ZFS anybody?

Destroy My Data
Now that the disk at best contains deleted Linux .iso data on an obscure File System format it is time to get physical



And Finally brutal destruction.  (Pictures are not shown for the Digitally squeamish, but essentially disassemble the drive itself and scour each platter with a sharp implement like a screwdriver edge so that it cannot be read

NB: A similarly destructive procedure is also used for Tapes.


Whilst I am happy to talk about the process.  The who and the where and the when and the why cannot and should not be revealed.

Discretion is key after all.  Clients want to know absolutely that

- Their Data is destroyed

- You never once looked at it

- Your word is your bond and you did what you promised

And with that
If you need Digital Streamlining,  Decluttering, Office transformation, or just plain Data Destruction, do give us a call,  we will be happy to help, discretely, efficiently and professionally.