Thursday, May 24, 2018

Beautiful Attention to Detail

A message to Designers Everywhere:  Form and Function

Marcus and Agata just can't help ourselves.  We try to say,  oh that item does not matter,  we will just visit our local DIY store and find any timer.

But we like to do the job right and so in the middle of our current House renovation we say:

We don't just want the function, but wherever possible a beautiful form too.

The Timer
Now you might say, sure, just buy the most expensive product, you can't go wrong.   But actually we do have a budget and whilst beauty is somewhat subjective, most of know it when we see it, and I'd say most people do agree.

And so to the humble Electronic Mains Timer

This was our initial selection

And I thought that I'd made the right choice with this fairly simple model above.  We paid real money and took it home.

But then,  my heart was stolen by this little cute Steffen 1204426.  I mean it is so small and bijou and has so many features.  How could I resist?

Now, bear in mind Swiss deliveries and I did have to wait about 5 days, but now it is here, and as every Swiss knows, nothing happens immediately here.

And So
Marcus and Agata would say, don't fill your lives full of ugly or good enough.  Take your time, use the Internet, your judgement and experience to choose mindfully.  Always mindfully.

A more expensive Detail: 720S