Monday, May 14, 2018

BBC Boxes Clever

Dedicated BBC Radio 4 listeners would concur that the best way to be aware of the delights of the channel is to have the station on within earshot during the whole of your waking day.

So let us call it about 15 hours daily, with maybe the odd break for some work activity so taxing, that it, instead of the radio commanded your undivided attention.

There was also of course the weekly listening to Pick of the Week, now in 2018 a totally relevant program because with the BBC iPlayer you indeed can so easily go back in Broadcasting time and listen again to something that you have missed.

The Intelligent Newsletter

But now there is a new game in town.  It involves logging into the BBC iPlayer, which all sensible people do, and then they will send you tailored emails based on what you have already listened too.

It is just magical.  I just got sent this:

I did not think that it could get any easier to pick out the best of BBC content that I would choose to listen to or watch.   But the new BBC system seems to be filtering out relevant content to me and nudging me toward consuming it.

Bravo BBC, keep it up.