Monday, April 30, 2018

When you're Wrong, you are Wrong

Supertramp: Hide in your Shell

I would relate that with the benefits of Age,  Experience, and perhaps being your own boss, one tends to gain confidence.

Publicly admitting Marcus was wrong, right here, right now has never been more amusing.  There is no need to be embarrassed and Hide in your shell.

We bought Switches

Marcus bought numerous Netgear and TP-Link Ethernet switches at auction from JohnPye.  After an incredibly productive day of Physical DIY  I thought I'd finally get round to something more sedentary:

Cat 7 Ethernet Cable Upgrading

We came to the UK and transplanted our Swiss IT setup more or less as is.  Networks, cables, routers, switches. For reasons of economy and not having to think too much, it was the best way

But now it is time to upgrade the cabling to be 10Gigabit Ready and all of that

Before A do B, Before B do C ..

Before Installing the Cables I began to optimse Switches.  I wanted to replace 8 port switches with few connected ports with some of the auction bought 5 port devices.

Took 5 port NetgearSwitch out of Box

Plugged into isolated Laptop Ethernet to configure

Could not find reset Button  (that's odd)


Had to Install special Netgear Setup program

Netgear Program requires WinPcap  (WTF!)

And also Adobe Air

A reboot later on my configuration laptop

Can't find Switch

Try Netgear Switch #2 .. No Good

Install IP scanner ... No Good

Try TP-Link 5 Port Switch

Install TP-lInk Easy Configure

Can't find Switch

Netgear Forum .. nothing

TP-link forum ... nothing

At least 40 minutes later

Idiot!  These are not managed Switches

I have a Netgear GS105 unmanaged , not Netgear GS105E managed product.  So there is no IP address to configure for the Switch, there are no options to set.  It's a really dumb Switch, take it or leave it.

I lost at least an hour of my life.

It is now just plugged in and working great.

And SO
So there you have it.   Marcus was a complete dunderhead.  A dimbo,  but I got there in the end.

When I am about to admonish a friend about their obvious faux-pas, I hope I shall hold back, and remember this moment and recall that we can all make stupid mistakes.