Monday, April 16, 2018

Thank you to EVT Evesham Vale Triathletes

What you see above is a partial selection of the food available at the Jinney Ring craft centre in Hanbury, UK

The first part of Marcus and Agata's Sunday cycling morning looked like this

And so after 45Km the whole of our team was ready for a break.   And by team I mean the cycle ride organised by EVT Evesham Vale Triathletes.

Since coming the the UK this has made a real difference to our fitness and motivation level and this post is just a thank you and a step back to ponder why

Group Exercise
Both Marcus and Agata are dedicated and some might say fanatical about exercise.  In particular daily exercise.  In our modern lives the attitude that ... 

I will get my work done, then admin done, then home stuff done, then, iff there is time left over ... exercise is IOHO badly flawed.

We aim for daily exercise, every day.  It can be something as a simple walk before breakfast or after tea.   Or a full blown Marathon.

But having the time and personal motivation is not always enough.

It's just simply more fun, and inspiring, motivating <insert adjective> to do things in the company of like minded athletes.  And so this Sunday we set off from Hillers farm shop  (worth a visit BTW) 

And stopped first at Jinney Ring for a Coffee and for Julian to photobomb my cakes photograph.

And then we had to get back home so that was another 2 hours of fun, despite the fact that English roads, sort of by definition are full of potholes, the roads are rough,  Motorists don't quite understand cyclists and the weather is between damp, wet or awful.

Indeed British Athletes need all the encouragement they can get and EVT provides a great framework for you to improve your fitness level, swimming, cycling and running.

Compared To Switzerland
The EVT club has simply no comparison to Switzerland.  We joined a variety of Swiss Clubs but none of them provide a framework of so much, for varying ages and abilities and disciplines in the friendly and very economical way that EVT does.

Sell me the Benefits
For those in the Warwickshire Area I'd say

- Friendly and approachable members

- Organised Cycle Rides

- We get Fitness sessions followed by a Yoga session on Thursday.  To Marcus this is now one of the highlights of my Exercise week!  Yoga by Mr Yogaman

- Cost is inexpensive.   I mean it actually ranks as the best thing I purchased all year.  I am not kidding. (The cost of a one year membership is about the same as one nights exercise class in Switzerland).  Flippin incredible.

- Summer weekly and often twice weekly Open Water Swimming sessions at Ragley Hall

- Indoor Swim sessions

- Support for Junior members

- Attractive merchandise to wear

- Public and Private Facebook Groups to announce activities and provide coordination.

Back to EVT
So really, thank you EVT for improving the quality of our sporting lives here, back in Warwickshire England.

We really like, and are very grateful.


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