Sunday, April 08, 2018

Sunday Sermon: Talking to Jehovah

Jehovah's Witness, the fundamentals

Have you ever had that knock on the door and been faced by 2, usually male, freshly shaven, usually youngish men who are here to proselytise their religion to you

Yes, The Jehovah's Witnesses

One very reasonable reason they have come a knocking is that like other branches of Christianity, (Catholicism is another example) , only believers of the one true Religion, that is Jehovah's Witness (JW) in this example, may enter the Kingdom of Heaven.    And so in order to give you this chance, you need to become a believer too, and this is why they have come.

If you want to know more about Religion, or are already a Religious Skeptic then JW provides a fascinating starting point of discovery.  Why?

Because it is a relatively recent Religion

It therefore has relatively good documentation

The Religion made some serious predictions regarding the End Times, which are easily falsifiable

So, if said knock on the door comes, and you know in our home in England, this happened for Easter 2018, in the countryside, no really (!), then how might you proselytise, sincerely, civilly, right back to them?   Well, you would need to understand their Religion and the claims that it makes and the deep flaws (IMHO) that are easy to find.

How would I start?

00 You would watch the above 5 minute introduction

01 You would subscribe to John Cedars channel and watch videos that he produces

02 jwsurvey looks at JW news   (I subscribe via Feely RSS)

03 Lloyds book

04 Go thru Lloyds back catalog of excellent videos

In Conclusion
Not convinced about Religion?  Study the Jehovah Witness religion and ask yourself, how likely and with what evidence is it probably that JW is in any way true.