Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sunday Sermon: Alcester Singers Spring Concert

Subtitle: An Innocent night out or not?

Marcus and Agata are just back from a Saturday night out at the local Alcester Church.  We do visit a lot of churches but not  (of course) for Religious worship,  but usually to admire the architecture and study the faithful  that we meet there.

This Saturday night was a Spring concert held in the Church.

We certainly had the good company of friends, and we always support the right of others to do things, that are legal that we might not approve of.  However in this instance we visited the Church, we paid money, and so in a sense where we supporting this Church and the Religious infrastructure  behind it? ....

What we saw and heard

For more information on the Rossini 'little solem mass'  see this link


So my angle is the following.  The musical performance was by middle to elderly aged people made with care and sincerity.  I want to be clear no malice was seen or shown at any point.

There was even a wine Intermission.

But I still propose that by being there I do somewhat endorse the music and moreover the meaning behind it, and the underlying Christianity contained therein.

A good Tune

Our performance was not in English but it became clear from the parts that one could translate it was a positive salutation and celebration  to the [Christian] God.

By being there, and smiling, and paying our way, were we supporting this cause?

Tomorrow belongs to me

If I said I was charmed by the above song, would you accuse me of supporting that cause too?

Just Good People and Bad Ideas

This week I did watch the entire 90 minute lecture from Stephanie Tessier, who converted to a Religion which resulted in her losing her family: both husband and children.   It is a moving story, and for me a tragic example of what happens when an individual tries to face upto the non negotiable rules that her (converted to) Religion sets out.  She lost and continues to loose.

Stephanie believes to this day that her husband is a good man, but one who is indoctrinated by a Religion including some very Bad Ideas.

Most Religions contain some great ideas, but to Marcus they have nothing to do with Religion and everything to do with Humanism and Philosophy.  Meanwhile, along with the sensible ideas come  (depending on the Religion that you subscribe to)   between a trickle and a torrent of bad ideas.

An Alternative Concert

Here is a copy of a Kraftwerk concert that I attended some years ago.  Now this is much more how I would choose to spend my 2 hours :-)