Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Steadily Reductionist

Subtitle:  There can be only 1 deodorant!

The tale of obsession, reductionism and quality control continues.

In our old home of Switzerland Marcus was not easily able to buy deodorant.   Anti Perspirant yes, deodorant no.  And, judging by the prices of the former, well deodorant if available would have been at bonkers prices anyway.

So yes, at any opportunity, whilst out of the Country including the countries of Spain, France, England and Poland I used to stock up.

And so when we left Switzerland in May 2017 back to the UK my choices were

- Discard collection and make my transition easier
- Package everything up, however small and haul it back to the UK

As an economical man you all know that I chose the latter.

And so almost 12 months later I am proud to report that the above 3 items are all that is left of a once rather large man smell collection.

Sounds just a little odd, but when I am down to a single aerosol or fragrance I will be able once again to browse those deliciously plentiful English Supermarket isles looking for deodorant.

Can't wait