Thursday, April 19, 2018

On Criticism

On Criticism

As the video suggests Criticism during your <bad> childhood has some long reaching effects.

Someone and then the One
Marcus spent another wonderful day in the company of /The One/.    After many years of people who eventually turned out to be regrettably just somebody I got there in the end.

To concur with the sentiment of the video, whilst early criticism may never be 100% recoverable from, in the company of /the One/ you can still end up in an extremely positive place during adulthood.

Today we worked hard together on our continued Home Automation project, checking our designs and trying to source the Hardware for a sensible price.  After some frantic negotiating we think we made some big steps forward.   It is wonderful to have a plan come together especially with somebody you can actually trust,  somebody bright and inspiring, and somebody who will call out your stupidity for what it is.

Dire Straits: News

And finally, surely you are subscribed to Alain de Botton's excellent YouTube channel where you can find more of the same.


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