Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Not (n+1) bicycles

In case you are unaware, Cylists have this joke.  

How many bicycles do you own?   N

How many do you need    N+1

Both Marcus and Agata are dedicated Athletes and cycling is one of our core activities.

Since the theft of our hand crafted bicycles in 2016,  Marcus is the owner of only 1 bicycle, built in 2011,  and until replacement, Agata was down to zero bicycles.   In other words we only have one bicycle each.

Most cycling friends have between 2 and 6 bicycles.  There is a sort of unwritten rule that it's not just acceptable but quite frankly expected if you are serious for you to have bicycles built and optimised thus

a) Road Bicycle
b) Training Bicycle
c) City Bicycle
d) Touring Bicycle
e) Off Road / Mountain Bicycle
f) The old bicycle we never got around to selling

So when a colleague told me about the Ribble deal on Saturday evening I had just over 48 hours to make a decision

Decision Points

+ Ribble solution is bonkers value
- But it's only a Shimano R8000 groupset.  Granted new, but not quite Dura Ace
- Package includes cheap as chips wheels
- It's the matt Silver frame only
+ The R872 frame is incredible, Agata has one, it's a real looker and ultra lightweight
-- Ribble wont supply the bike with an uncut steerer to allow you to have a higher handlebar setup.  They say max of 20mm,   Personally I'd like more.

Framing It
The importance of a Frame Geometry that is the right shape for you cannot be understated.   I already have the perfect frame and I measured it

Marcus perfect bike, toptube distance 51 cm,  and headset is 60mm only.

Ribble size Medium,  toptube is 53cm and supplied headset is 80mm minimum.

So the fit is extremely close, but not ideal

In The End

Marcus declined the chance to make Ribble R872 my  Bicycle #2.   My Sweet Dream Bicycle is yet to come.