Friday, April 13, 2018

My New Coloured Smartphone

Wishbone Ash: You See Red

The world or perhaps the digital and physical company that I keep these days is getting far too affluent.

In the old days most of what I had to put up with was Apple users constantly waiting for a new Smartphone release.  When this happened, certainly in older times in Switzerland when release dates lagged, the race was on to see how to get to a country (usually a flight) that sold the new iPhone before Swiss announce.

In 2018 Apple ships Europe fast, so now the usual race is to wait for the day of Smartphone pre-order and then at 1 minute past midnight  rush online to place that order.

Colour Dilemma
In 2018 a new level of one upmanship seems to be dawning.   The idea is that you might replace your existing 2017 flagship phone, probably the one that does everything you will ever need, with its CPU running mostly below 10%, well you are eager to do so, because the 2018 smartphone has a nicer colour

 Apple iPhone available in red - I'm almost fainting.  Maybe I should spend 8 minutes watching somebody (who didn't pay for it) unboxing their freebie :-(

 Surely you will like this Midnight Blue Huawei Phone sir?

Can you resist a Samsung in Coral Blue?

Unless you never take your Smartphone baby into the outside world, or infrequently use it,  most users are painfully aware of the consequences of their first drop, so after, they head off to skin the phone or put it  into a protective case.  And so

that beautiful colour is pretty much hidden anyway

So, to anybody who is genuinely thinking about upgrading their phone, with their own money,  because that 'delicious' and 'must have' new colour became available.   

Well I just despair.

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