Friday, April 20, 2018

Hot England Hot

In the same way that the British press over-react to a single Snowflake, the reaction to unexpectedly warm weather is equally over the top and predictable.

This week in England, ending about Sunday 22nd April we have not just predictions of high temperatures but actual high temperatures.

Today in nearby Cheltenham it was 26 degrees in the shade.

Marcus and Agata thought,  yes let's at last get some Triathlon swim training in.   We headed to the nearby 

Sanford Parks Lido

This is England, of course there is a queue, even on a weekday, after lunch

 Suitably oldy worldy interior.  I understand the construction only dates back to about 1935 though.

Had to go back to reception to buy a 1 pound jeton to release the key for the lockers.  Note that you only get 50p back, so if you are a regular visitor you keep that jeton for the season.

 Nice Fountain

 At the back is a small cafe / restaurant

Today is a day for extravagance.   Marcus buys an ice cream.

 Driving back in the car listening to the radio.  Aircon is on, because outside it is at least 26 degrees.

Later in the day we went out to a second Triathlon training event.   On our return home, guess what it is a staggering 26 degrees plus inside.    Un-frikkin-believable.

Let us hope this Lausanne like weather can continue thru to the beginning of next week at least.  

England at 29 degrees C