Monday, April 09, 2018

Forest of Dean Half Marathon 2018

Forest Dean Spring 2018

Subtitle: Wobble fatboy wobble

So this Saturday April 7th 2018 Marcus, Agata and Jenny set off to the deep south of /Forest of Dean/ for a Half marathon.   It was an earlier than usual rise for a Saturday morning but we persevered.

As we left our dry and slightly overcast house the closer we got to the venue the darker the skies became culminating with pretty strong rain about 15Km before.

We were a little apprehensive but in some what miraculous fashion after parking and trundling over to collect our race numbers the rain stopped!

So we had a potentially wet course but not a rainy one

This is the course and Agata gave me and the very helpful advice that it is flat to start, then downhill then more or less uphill till km 11 after which it is more or less downhill.

Race Notes

Honestly, I gave it 110% effort on the footballers scale.  And whilst I was not tired or breathless when I finished my little fat legs refused to go faster.  Still the time was under 01.40 but I feel that with some weight reduction this time could come down considerably.

 Some runners were quite exhausted

 Agata always looks so happy and wonderful at race end.  Don't know how she manages it.

 Severn Bridge Half Marathon had a stand and gave us free T shirts.   Wow, especially since our slow times on this Forest of Dean run, i.e. after position 50 did not qualify us for the free T shirt.

 A lot of mid in the car park stranding the obvious  (BMW drivers) and the unlucky.  We have 4 wheel drive, winter tyres, and a calm foot.  We left easily in baby Audi.

 The last 200 metres before the finish straight was a mudbath.  It reminded us of the Arc of Attrition race except it was 200 metres not stretches of several Km of deep mud.

Except for this stretch the rest of the course was wet but not really muddy at all

 Agata looking good even having changed into something more comfortable

 More race numbers to file

 Proof that it was not so muddy

 Jenny finishes with a smile!


No injuries, falls, strains.  All is good.

Runners Lament
Agata finished in position 54 narrowly missing her free T shirt which was handed out to the first 50 competitors

Marcus felt that although I had given it 110% I was not running effectively.  It all comes down to fat,  or if you are being generous, heavy and muscular legs.  Fine for a sprint, acceleration, but not the best for long distances.   When will they slim down?  TBC.

Runners Excuses
Marcus forgot to take any food so I can tell you that 21.1 Km is too far to run well without any.  And excuse#2 the refreshments were only water.

By Km 10 I was really regretting the food oversight and felt drained for the last 5+ Km particularly.  How I could have been so dumb I really don't know.

A big thanks to Agata for signing us up and doing all the logistics prep.   We finished the day with a Hot Cross Bun-tacular back at home with Kathy, Alana, Julie and Annie the cat.   Toptastic.

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