Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Fight Fight Fight

Tom Petty: Won't Back Down

Subtitle: This horrible means might justify my Ends

For the longest time whilst living in Europe,  I have been painfully aware that the USA gets things cheap.  And I mean cheaper then myself here in Europe.

Since America now directly manufactures (I mean in the USA) practically nothing that I or anybody else in the world practically uses,  I am for the most part referring to goods and services manufactured in either 

a) Europe
b) China

When I find out that a high end ( or even entry level) Porsche can be sold to Americans at a fraction of the price that I would pay living in either my home countries of Switzerland or England I don't just get sad, I get angry.

And the same is true for consumer goods made in China and shipped to America.   If you are a European resident visiting Wallmart in the USA you can vouch for what I am talking about

General Rule
My rationality rule is grounded thus:

Goods made in the country where I am living should cost the same or less in that country than shipped to some distant part of the planet

Goods manufactured in China, which lets face it; is the majority of everything consumers use, should have pretty much price parity worldwide.

That seems fair to me

Handout Rule

I'm not in favour of handouts,  subsidies, special conditions, easements.

In these cases taxation of the majority ends up paying for the benefit to the minority.  And my taxes are always paid honestly and have literally been in the millions already.  Enough is really enough.

A small exception can be made to protect fledgling industries, but any protection must be withdrawn, say after a maximum of 5 years. Period.  No exceptions!

And So
Whilst I hate sanctions and tariffs I am actually looking forward to what could be a short term chaos in the supply of <those cheap> goods and services into America.

And who knows, it might focus the minds of the consumer to actually limit and tailor their consumption towards using the already overflowing quantities of what they do already own instead of fantasising that the new latest <thing> will magically lead them to nirvana.

To the Chinese:  Sell your US bonds, and direct your manufacturing output to us here in Europe.   America has indicated quite clearly that they think your goods are too cheap.

So sell your products to us here instead, with increased vigour!

And by all means put up your prices and later sell then to the USA, this seems to be what they want.

Fight the Good Fight


Round 2 US restrictions