Saturday, April 07, 2018

Deliciously Dyson

Dyson was in the news recently as they officially announced that all his future vacuum cleaner designs will be cordless.   But it's only when I watch the following presentation that it all made so much sense

I invite you to watch this quite brilliant  28 minute YouTube video

The presentation is brilliant but not just because of the product. As an Engineer what I really appreciate is

- Discussion of the real technical innovation to a Non Engineering audience
- And making the innovation look interesting and relevant to them
- Dyson discusses his design philosophy to reduce weight,  (he really is talking my language!)
- And about lean Design, meaning designing the product to work, in severe operating conditions, by using just enough material.  Their products are not over-Engineered
- The Discussion about how these cordless products are now as suckable and performant as their corded counterparts
- A bonus discussion on Battery life and how you actually use a powered cordless lightweight cleaner

Dyson Cyclone V10