Friday, April 06, 2018

DataTag Bicycle Security

About 1.5 years ago Marcus and Agata had their expensive road bicycles stolen whilst on holiday.  You can read about it here

Our insurance proved inadequate and we got nothing, facing a loss of multiple thousands of pounds, something that we could not afford, not the least of the tens if not hundreds of hours of care and effort we had put into making these bicycles the best for us.

We planned to take better security measures and here we document the DataTag security system.

What is DataTag?
It's a system of marking your important asset with an etched number, so that if your possession is found by the police it can be tracked back to you.

This system has worked well for years but only recently did DataTag start advertising it for the cycling marketplace.  Although it could potentially reduce your Insurance premium we checked with our Bicycle insurance and for us it do not alter anything.

 We purchased the Pro kit which as I will explain contains datadots.

The base kit is 4 stencils which you use with some blueish fluid and an applicator.  This etches a UV readable ID number and telephone number onto your bicycle.

Obviously after fitting you register your ID number with DataTag so they have your contact details etc.

Also there is a highly visible DataTag sticker containing a 2D barcode which is a visual deterrent to thieves and may be scanned by Police if they think this is a stolen bicycle.

You get 4 stencils so that you can mark 4 separate areas of your bicycle.

 After applying the liquid for 60 seconds you then remove the stencil and clean off the white residue with a provided cloth.

We applied the other stencils in other areas

In case your bicycle is disassembled they also provide data-dots.  These are microscopic ID numbers held in a fast drying fluid that you can put on expensive components like the Groupset.  Under UV light these also reveal the ID number and can then be tracked too.

The DataTag system is a passive one.  So if your bicycle is stolen and then not found by Police, or the ID not reported then you still get nothing.

However Professional thieves do know about this system and it is a deterrent at pretty low cost, about 30 GBP for the professional pack which includes the DataDots.

Police forces do work with the DataTag system so there is some chance at least that your treasure will be recovered.

Right now we have the DataTag system installed and we have checked that our Bicycle Insurance is more likely to cover any potential incident also.

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