Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Colour Me Glad

Color Me Badd

You know in the bad old days IKEA made strong open carrier bags in just one colour  BLUE.

Today I am happy to announce a new range is announced, at least in the UK.




Marcus and Agata now have our own individual IKEA bags.  Perfect for a thousand and one things.   Virtually indestructible.  And just the ideal thing to sling your race clothes, recovery gels, shower lotions into before heading off for that competition.

Next time we can select the right bag just based on the colour, and this only cost us 1.50  GBP each.

I ask you what else that is so useful that can be bought anywhere for this price?

Learning Points

Sometimes the simplest and most inexpensive products can give Marcus and Agata great pleasure.   It's not just what money you have got, it is what you can do with it.  Coloured IKEA bags, we salute you

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