Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Charge me Up Now


It is common received wisdom that as we age we become slower to move and act and correspondingly more tolerant.

Marcus seems to have missed the memo.  I do have <another> zero world complaint to register and this is the recharge time of equipment that I use all of the time.

The issue becomes clear when we study my Shaver, which run out of charge on Monday morning

And just 10 minutes later it was mostly charged, and after a shower and tidy up 30 minutes later, yes fully charged.   Amazing.

SCP  (Shower Charge Principle)

I referred to this important metric once before.  Agata and Marcus have several showers daily, after exercise sessions.  It's our wish and expectation that our battery powered technologica is significantly recharged after a shower and cleanup.   Let's say 30 minutes tops.

Let's do a random survey shall we:

 Dyson DC34: Fail
We have learnt about the new Dyson 10 range which eclipses the DC34 and above in terms of battery life and usability.  Only a gaping hole in the budget prevents us from ditching the above.  It lasts about 10 minutes tops and then needs the rest of the day to recharge.   Oh series 10, where are thou?

Lezyne 1100Fail
We have both invested in Lezyne Power Drive lights.  Marcus' 1100 is supposed to take only 4 hours to charge, but try as I might it needs more.  I'd allow a staggering 6 hours charging and this means that it needs to be plugged in immediately after a Cycle ride to be ready for the next day.

Raspberry Pi Portable Surveillance  Fail
This is our homegrown surveillance camera with attached huge 40,000 mAh plus battery.  So basically it takes over 24 hours  (I think!) to charge.  In 30 minutes you get nowhere and the charger circuitry means that whilst charging it can't be providing Pi power so you have to shutdown first.

The Achilles is that these cheap batteries charge using micro USB and not Type C,  when funds allow I shall upgrade.

 Anker Soundcore 2 speaker:  Pass
Well it may take 3 hours to fully charge this, but the battery life is 24 hours.  So a 30 minute charge does get you over 15% meaning that if you use this for less than 4 hours per day, you will be back to fully charged.

Garmin 935 sports watch. Pass
Charge rate is about 1% per minute.  Even after a long Cycle of many hours it's unlikely I will have eaten the batteries by 30%,  so a shower later and we are back to full.

 Amazon Fire Tablet 10: Fail
It may have about 10 hours battery life but it takes 5 hours to fully charge from zero, via Micro USB.  Very slow, quite appalling, but then this device cost Marcus peanuts. At the price it was a limitation I would accept as I am still a reluctant and not even occasional tablet user  (keyboards rule!)

Huawei P9 Plus.    Pass.   
At low battery levels my USB Fast charger can pump 1% percent per minute into the phone. It may have an Android level that is shamefully obsolete Huawei  (are you listening) but it charges well.

Oh and the Principle Chargers

For USB: Anker 5 Port Desktop Charger

For Batteries: 

La Crosse Technology BC700N

And So
You see, not all of our intensively used daily technology satisfies our SCP  (Shower Change Principle) time limit.  I know, torture.

Nu Shooz - I can't Wait