Thursday, April 12, 2018

A Minimal Shopping Spree

Pet Shop Boys: Minimal and Shopping

With I hope you will recognise as a touch of Irony and not Hippocracy Marcus and Agata have been away intensively shopping.

As confirmed minimalists we have some explaining to do.

We have literally not had time to sit down and unpack, let alone find out how many of our purchases (which are second-hand) actually work as expected or not.

If I can give you an indication of how 2018 we find ourselves in.   Our first product that we unpacked and configured started by 

Upgrading its own firmware:   In a Lightbulb

The controlling program for this Lightbulb on my Android Smartphone was 81.46 Mega Bytes in size.   

To compare, my first UNIX Operating System for the Intel 8088, from Interactive Systems was 10, 360KB diskettes, in other words about 3.6 Mega Bytes 

No, I am not kidding

Who would have thought this could even be possible even just a decade or two ago?  Imagine if we had also made similar advances and progress in areas like morality, ethics or power generation.  Why, we would be living in a utopia right now.