Monday, April 02, 2018 meets and

Just to remind everybody, the translation from a Domain Name address, well like

into a numeric address that a computer use is done via the DNS (Domain Name System).

In the olden days you would prefer to use the DNS server provided by your Internet Provider.

Then Google came up with ad as their DNS servers that they claimed were faster than anybody else's

Then IBM came up with

And now Clouldflare,  with

Who and what is Cloudflare?
As a business you can register and use Cloudflare for Internet services including the resolution of your DNS name i.e. use their DNS servers and other facilities.  Consequently Cloudflare can be used to help you defend your websites against DDoS  (Distributed Denial of Service) and other goodies.

Today though Cloudflare is offering clients i.e. the general public access to the address as a DNS server claiming it is faster that the other big guys namely Google and IBM.

Testing with DNSBench

I used DNSBench for Windows and made a few tests.  I recommend that you do the same

So by all means repeat these tests and use another DNS server performance test.  And see which DNS server is fastest for you.  From the above the Google server is still faster than the Cloudflare at the time of writing.

And don't forget to think about using the Pi-hole or other Advertisement blocking server.   As I recently explained here  for home environments you can setup a Raspberry Pi to act as a home DNS server that blocks or blanks your home computers requests for advertising pages (to null).  So in other words many requests will be denied and only the other requests for real translation of data pages get sent thru to the big DNS servers on the Internet.  And in this case you would program the Pi-Hole program to use the fastest DNS server resulting from your tests, still Google in my tests from above.

In the Old Days
We  (i.e. UNIX professionals) often used to joke when applications  broke or paused:  It is always a DNS problem :-)  And you know well, because most of the time it was!

Using a fast, reliable and secure DNS server is vital to efficient use of your Internet Based Application.  And for Home and Business use blocking of unwanted Advertising (using Pi-Hole or more sophisticated Firewalls)  further enhances performance.

Please try the DNS servers above, and the ones you see form the DNSBench screenshots and find what works best for you.