Tuesday, March 13, 2018

What a Bloody Saga

Subtitle: In Saga Motor Insurance We Do Not Trust

Saga is a Motor Insurer who specialise on  the older customer.  It's based on the valid assumption that aged people , well not too old, are not boy racers, and, are more liable to drive sensibly and have less accidents.

Marcus and Agata came back to the UK in 2017

We had 7 years plus proof of no accidents from our previous insurance company Baloise

We had a claim for Glass damage as a result of attempted theft

We are honest people looking to insure our vehicles in the UK, wishing to find a company that will take our good character, and driving history from Switzerland in the last 15 years

We took out a car Fully Comprehensive policy  with LVE who checked and then accepted our No Claims without issue. But they don't cover motorhomes and so we Google searched and found Saga.

We took out a policy with Saga which involved extensive form filling on the Internet, then some phone calls, after which Marcus paid an entire years policy in advance.

We asked the policy to start Dec 14th, and then left for an extended vacation.

Initial Woes
The existing Baloise Swiss insurance policy was in 4 languages including English. This was an initial point of confusion. Worked thru.

They then asked for proof that the old Insurance was terminated. I pointed out that the old Swiss Insurance plate was now invalid since  vehicle import and UK re-registration had been made.

The Swiss Insurance could of course not cover by definition a UK registration plate.

The Low and No Point
After countless phone calls Saga were unhappy about

- The No Claims Bonus
- The End of the Swiss Insurance Date
- The Fact that I supplied information on more than 1 sheet of paper

We just could not agree and the Saga representative just kept repeating the words back to me like some sort of Robot and refused to answer my questions.

I asked for a refund.

The Refund
Saga processed a refund but claimed they had insured me from December 14th whilst at the same time saying they could not insure me because the End of the Swiss Insurance was not verified.

At the time of their initial un-hapiness I told them that our Motorhome was in a locked compound, off road, did not require any Insurance (at all) from them until this matter was resolved.

So they charged for that insurance without any No Claims bonus, ignored my Suspension until resolution request, oh and then slapped on an Administration fee.  Also this occurred over Christmas 2017 and they did not reply within their stated period of the first email query.

Not fair Saga!

Who Was Good?
After a recommendation from a neighbour I called NFU (National Farmers Union) Insurance.  They took all the same proofs that I sent Saga and arranged insurance immediately.

They were actually over 25% cheaper than Saga to insure the same vehicle, namely a Dethlefss Motorhome.

Also NFU dont have any initial admin charges or a resignation fee like the 50 GBP that Saga ask for.

I know.  So NFU Insurance is a recommended++, and Saga, you indeed live upto your name:  What a Bloody Saga.