Saturday, March 31, 2018

We are Ready and we are Players

Ready Player One

Subtitle: A lot better than expected

Marcus and Agata just paid real money to see the above film.  And at a fancy full price Cinema in Stratford upon Avon: The Everyman

We first came across the novel in 2018 when we bought and listened to this Ernest Cline book from Audible  It is almost a 16 hour listen i.e. pretty long, and the book made copious references to early computer game history,  you know the ones that were around in the 1980's, when Marcus could actually understand and play them.  So I was totally hooked.

For a better explanation of the whole plot of this dystopian future world, set in 2040 something I hand you over to Mark Kermode:

So why were we also quite smitten with this movie

- The unabridged audio book was truly excellent.

- We thought if the movie was just half as good it was worth the punt

- In fact though some quite large plot differences existed it was a wonderful tale of good against evil in simultaneously the physical and virtual world

- In 2018 we do find people becoming subsumed into a computer dominated reality, not VR, not yet, but perhaps this film really is a portent to the future, and as such a prediction, and both a warning, and as a positive roadmap

- This is a film of references.  Here are over 100 of them  (spoiler alert)

Go See It

If you are a 40 something who knows anything about film history, or early gaming this film is a 110% must watch

It's also a feel good film, the good guys win and the bad guys loose

The audiobook does give greatly enhanced detail but I'm pretty sure when we have the BlueRay or online download to analyse frame by frame the gap will narrow.  I'm convinced that many sequences and references need to be watched again and again to unpack.

Thank you Stephen Spielberg for this film.  It was great :-)